Server Information

- Opening August 14, 2020
- Low-Rate Classic Server
- Rates: 15x EXP / 15x JOB / 15x EXP
- Drop: Normal Drop 10% / Item Drop 5% / Card Drop 3%
- 99/70
- Free to Play
- Active GM and staff
- Advance DDOS Protection
- Gepard Shield Protection v3.0
- Low-Rate Classic Server

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Donation System

PHP USD Cash Point
500 10.00 500
1,000 20.00 1,100
2,000 40.00 2,200
3,000 60.00 3,300
5,000 100.00 5,500

  2. Below are the information on where to send the payment:
  3. Receiver Name: Ronjon Rodriguez.
    Contact Number: (+63) 9560389481
    Reciever Name: Mylene Evangelista
    Contact Number: (+63) 9565332506

    Message our Facebook Page First for Paypal Donation. PAYPAL ACCOUNT(Send thru Friends and Family)
    Receiver Name: Mylene Evangelista
    Paypal Link: Click Me to Donate
    Paypal Email:

  4. After sending the payment, kindly message us with the following details in our Facebook Page :(fields with * are required)
  5. First Name*:
    Last Name*:
    Phone/Mobile Number*: (Please input a valid number so we can update you if you got your Cash Points already.)
    Control Number*: (Double check your control number before sending the email.)
    Amount Sent*:
    Character Name*: (Please input an exact valid in-game name.)


Send your valid information to validate your payment and process the Cash points immediately within 12 to 24 hours.